1. Mr. Pramod Mahankar

Tulanga Budruk Village, Patur Taluka, Akola District

Contact no: 8830656334

             I have purchased Power Weeder and Tractor implements such as Cultivator, Patta Pas, 3 Pas and Weeder implements from AgrowSure Products. I have used all these above named products, I am amazed and astonished by the level of technicality these people have put in, in these implements.

2. Mr. Subash Bawne

Hiwarkhed Village, Khamgaon Taluka, Buldhana District

Contact no: 9975618345

I have farmland of 10 acres, I have purchased Implements of Power Weeder from AgrowSure Products for the various activities related to farming. Previously before purchasing of this equipment’s, I use to spend around 10 to 12 thousand on the labour, but now with the help of these implements, my spending has gone down to only 5 thousand. I would like to mention that the Quality which Agrowsure Products gives to their customer is very good and non-comparable to other people making it.

3. Vilas Barne

Keliveli Village, Akot Taluka, Akola District

Contact no: 9667176555

I have my farm in Akot Taluka, I have 1 big and 1 small tractor. I have purchased all the implements from AgrowSure Products. I am very satisfied by the product’s performance. I would like to highlight the key feature of this implements is their quality and have been made by right technical team of Agrowsure Products. They make products as per farm, as per crop and as per farmers requirement. I would like to thank AgrowSure Products for improving the output of my farm. and reducing

the destruction of crops which used to happen earlier.

4. Dr. Rekhate

Ambolda Village, Akot Taluka, Akola District

Contact no: 9423127358

I Dr. Rekhate is a retired professor, I have purchased Weeder and Sprayer for moong, udid, soyabean, harbara and jowar. The weeder which I have purchased is efficient as it is adjustable as per the different row arrangement for all the crop, hence I have saved money in purchasing a single implement which can be used for majority of crops which I grow. This multipurpose implement has saved a lot of initial investment. I would wish good luck AgrowSure Products for making such multipurpose implements for us (farmers), so that we could increase our profit margins.