AgrowSure Product empowers farmers with a simple, affordable and turnkey solution that help farmers to save time and money. The company’s mission is to achieve global impact by providing the affordable innovative farm mechanization solutions that enable growers to recognize and address risk of labor shortage and their low working efficiency. Our customers range across the entire production spectrum in food and ag, from farmers, mid-size consultancies, and universities, to governments/NGOs.


The cultivator is used in multiple functions: pulling weeds, clod crushing, loosening the land´s surface layer, forming a thin layer over the sow bed, preparing the land for irrigation and adding fertilizers. The models available can be attached to 15 – 50 HP tractors. The sturdy frame has square hollow sections that ensure maximum reliability and strength.

  • Versatility in use:

Ideal for soil preparation for winter & spring crops (high moisture) as well as fast preparation of the soil for a second harvest (dry + residue).

  • Efficiency:

Operations focused in a single pass for lower operating costs.


Duck foot Cultivator is used especially for hard soil condition. It is available in 3 tynes and 5 tynes combination for 30-50 HP tractors. Designed to be used for loosening and aerating soil to a depth of approximately 6 inches depending on the type of land and horsepower of tractor.


V Pas/ Tirhi/ Ekka: V Pas/ Tirhi/ Ekka is used to remove the straw stubble that remains after grains, like paddy, wheat, cotton, soyabean, etc. have been harvested.


Patta Pas / 3 Pas is basically a land leveler implement used for leveling the farm land before crop planting. It is a tractor trailed model, operated through 3 point linkage hydraulic system. The leveling blade of this implement is available with 5ft, 6ft and 7ft width.


AgrowSure Weeder/Inter row cultivator is designed for regulation of weeds in various crops. It is available in configuration ranging from 3 to 10 rows, accommodating row spacing from 15 inch and wider. It is designed for high residue cultivation to meet many row crop cultivation. It has been designed to disturb the soil in careful patterns, sparing the crop plants but disrupting the weeds.


AgrowSure adjustable Raised Bed Maker is designed for making compact raised bed with adjustable height and width.

  • Produces a perfectly shaped bed for your farm in one pass
  • Wide variety of sizes and options to fit each growers needs
  • Replaceable press pans and add-on’s for lower replacement cost
  • Flexible design to allow for many configurations


Tyne Ridger is mostly used for making simple ridge for planting vegetables & sugarcane and it allows water management in the field. The distance between furrows can be adjusted as per the crop spacing requirement, which makes it easier for farmer to use.


Seed Drill is important for farming and helps to cut time and efforts. AgrowSure Seed Drill is suitable for the seeds and fertilizers. This is the ideal machine for small and medium-sized farms. It combines a compact, light design with the proven AgrowSure quality. It has different configurations from 5 tines to 9 tines. The models available can be attached to 15 – 50 HP tractors. The hopper of this Seed Drill has a low filing height and offers a marker system on both the sides.


AgrowSure’s heavy duty 3-point Sub Soiler are perfect for fracturing hardpan compacted over year of use. The single shank is capable of ripping the soil 20’’-24’’ deep, and features high carbon heat treated steel shank.

  • The shank is shear bolt protected and equipped with a high carbon heat treated replaceable point.


AgrowSure’s Boom Sprayer works on tractors of 18HP and above by providing uniform coverage and gives the best protection to your crops. This Boom Sprayer is useful for spraying on all ground crops like Soyabean, Tur, Chilli, Cotton etc. This Boom Sprayer has 2 variant – 200lit and 500lit main tank. The 20/36 feet Booms are directly mounted to the frame. It has a easy height adjustment feature for crops like Cotton and Tur.

Would you like to know all specifications of the AgrowSure Products? View our Product Brochure to find out more.